Let’s talk about your Panic Attacks

If you’re like me, you’ve been down a few rabbit holes and trying to climb back out.

You maybe someone who had prolonged stress associated with long periods of uncertainty about your career, or financial wellbeing.  


Maybe you had the attack following a period of significant changes associated with becoming an independent adult.
 Maybe had some trauma or you were just experimenting with some drugs. 

If that's not you.  It doesn’t matter, keep reading anyway.

You’ve likely been ill-equipped to understand why you’re having panic attacks and anxiety.  

Nobody educated you on HOW panic attacks and anxiety work and the mechanics of them. 

In fact, your lack of understanding has probably thrown you in a downward spiral leading to overthinking, uncomfortable body sensations, and constant neglecting from doctors suggesting you’re normal.  

But you know you’re not.  You know this isn’t normal.  

As a result, your professional and personal life suffer because you’re dealing with fear of having another attack.  

You feel like you have no one to truly express yourself to who understands.  

You feel like your general quality of life begins to suffer.

You’re a very strong individual, probably a genius, definitely someone who is masterful at the things you love to do.

You might have a general feeling of deficient self-worth stemming from how high functioning you are and yet how you are struggling internally so much.


You might even have a hard time engaging in things you used to enjoy.  You are becoming jealous of the person you once were.

This has probably led you down a path of medication or some time of therapy which has gotten you nowhere.  


Maybe IT HAS gotten you somewhere, but if you’re honest, still has you far from experiencing the true freedom you once experienced prior to anxiety.

You stay at home too often instead of going out and being of true value to people.

You’ve begun to entertain that you might be somehow flawed, broken, and unique.

If this sounds like you, you knew who I used to be pretty well.


Now let’s take a look at what you want.


What you WANT is more happiness in your life.

You want to feel confident and have purpose that you can rise to any occasion and get things done.

You want to be boundless in your adventures.  You want to stop avoiding situations that may trigger attacks.

You want to appreciate the small things in life.

You want the ease and comfort without your mind tirelessly thinking.

You want to pay more attention to your life and less on your panic attacks and anxiety.

You want to focus on what really matters and feel like you’re doing something important.


Let's get started.

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