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What your doctor REALLY means when he says nothing is wrong.

When people experience their first panic attack, they aren’t really sure what they are up against. In fact, they aren’t even sure what they experienced was a panic attack. They often think they have been confronted by the brink of death. I’m sure you can relate. Perhaps you were minding your own business when you got your first attack. It is debilitating and devastating. You wanted to get to the bottom of this right away.

This normally leads to an appointment with a physician. Although there may be some people who fear going to the doctor in the first place and avoid them (I’ll make a separate post for these types of individuals), most of us are convinced what we have is life-threatening and time-sensitive.

I’m sure your doctor has done a physical along with a series of test panels to rule out any physical ailments. And your doctor has stated something along the lines that “there’s nothing wrong." Now here is the interesting thing. Physicians are often thrown off by your reaction to having a clean bill of health. You’re probably dismayed in not finding a solution to your feelings. You begin to feel like you’ll never get to the bottom of this. You may have even begun to internalize that this will be you forever. But what the doctor says gets lost in translation. I’ll explain.

Your doctor isn’t wrong. When they say you are fine, what he/she is saying is the cause of your symptoms are not anatomical (structural)/physical. In other words, there isn’t something physical in origin to cause you to feel this way.

“But wait, so many of my symptoms ARE physical, how can you say it’s not physical?!”

And HERE is the disconnect. Many people are ill-equipped to know that anxiety and panic attacks mimic physical illnesses. Your nerves becoming sensitized leads to physical manifestations like palpitations, trembling, scary/irrational thoughts, dizziness, the list goes on. And while this assurance from a doctor should be a reason to rejoice, it’s often misinterpreted and being neglected by their provider.

Unfortunately almost all doctors are ill-equipped to deal with issues who’s origins are not anatomical in nature. Their best solution for defense are medication. And while medication is a tool and helpful to a degree, they are by no-means a solution when it comes to Anxiety…at least not by themselves(this will also be a separate post). The sad news here is that many therapists are also ill-equipped to deal with the issue of panic attacks and anxiety. They’ve been taught techniques that focus on past triggers, childhood trauma, or the origin of the first panic attack. While these things are important in some cases, many people just want to break the panic attack cycle. Most often than not, most people just got tricked into the anxiety or panic attack cycle.

Their fears of another panic attack or a “perceived” illness is like gasoline being poured to flames of their anxiety cycle.

From my personal experience, I wasn’t really sure what caused me a panic attack. It wasn’t till I FULLY recovered from panic attacks and anxiety that I understood what triggered it. And what triggered was simple: I was eating too little, hated my corporate job, and had terrible stress management. That’s it. No childhood trauma, no abuse, nothing. In other words, root cause does not equate to solution.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution. There is. And it is not a pill or a miracle cure. It requires some knowledge, patience, and guidance. But this route is VERY rewarding, because your reward is TRUE FREEDOM.

Would you like me to personally help you FULLY overcome your anxiety and panic ONCE AND FOR ALL?  On top of that would you like me to help you with that for free?  

My name is Shaan and I’m an anxiety and panic attack mentor, and I’m looking for that special student who I can personally help fully overcome their anxiety and panic without spending countless hours in therapy, hours upon hours of daily meditation, or dealing with the terrible side-effects of medication. If that is you, then I will PERSONALLY guide you through the process of mastering and overcome your anxiety and panic.  Here is how it works: First, I will assist you in developing a strategy in overcoming your anxiety and panic attacks.  Not only will you have a strategy, but you understand the mechanics of anxiety, and have the tools and skills that will lead you to full recovery. And this won’t cost you anything.  In fact, it will probably take around 45 minutes of your time.All you have to do is promise ONE THING:  You are serious about fully recovering and not just coping with anxiety and panic for the rest of your life.  As a former sufferer, I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for a long time. I wish I had someone to offer me the guidance to help fully recover.  I promised myself that if I was able to fully recover, I’d help others fully recover too. 

I’m not interested in helping you cope.  I’m interested in helping you heal.

If this is you, then click the link below and schedule a free 1:1 consultation where I will look at your situation and together, we can develop a strategy to overcome anxiety and panic.

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Disclaimer:Shaan Kassam is not a medical professional or a licensed counselor or therapist. Shaan Kassam utilizes his first hand experience and knowledge as a sufferer from anxiety and panic attacks to guide others as well.  Shaan Kassam’s mentorship does not seek to diagnose or replace the care of healthcare professionals or licensed counselors/therapists.


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