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What I wish I had known during my recovery from anxiety and panic

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Recovery can feel like a lonely path.  Often times, it doesn’t seem like a path at all.  One moment you think you’re making progress, and the next thing you know…you’re doubting the whole process.  

This constant battle was all too familiar during my recovery.  In fact, I see the same battle within my clients face during their journey.  Often, there are little nuggets of insight that can help you from deviating from the path to recovery.  These mistakes are often easy to make, and can lead to a lot of wasted time, energy, grief, and discouragement. 

Here are some tips that I found extremely useful during my recovery.  These are the same tips I give my clients. 

1. Get the right knowledge The amount of misinformation and misguidance on the internet is truly profound.  I’ve heard some truly bizarre strategies to overcome anxiety.  Strategies using a rubber band when you have anxious thoughts, CBD is the "new cure" for anxiety, always carry a paper bag incase you hyperventilate.  The list goes on with outlandish claims.  Besides the fact that these claims have no to very limited scientific basis, is that what they are truly just sophisticated ways of coping anxiety. 

But who cares about coping?  I’m interested in eliminating. 

The amount of nonsense I hear on the internet genuinely gets me concerned for people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Individuals who are just trying to figure out why they are feeling the way the do, read outlandish claims like the ones above and internalize these as truth. Many times I am spending a lot energy debunking these claims with my clients.  This misinformation is often compounded by the fact that sufferers have dealt with panic attacks and anxiety for so long, that it often leads to discouragement and desperation to get any advice from so-called "internet experts.”  The only way to prevent this is to get the right knowledge first.

When I mean “right knowledge” I mean understanding the true mechanics of anxiety.  How does the fight-or-flight mechanism work?  How does it lead to physical manifestations that imitate physical illnesses?  How does it create irrational thoughts and lack of confidence?  These are important things to understand before moving forward with recovery.

2.   Get off forums Let's be clear about something. Forums are by far the worse things for people dealing with anxiety. I get their intentions, but it does anything but help. Consider this...after I recovered, how many times would you assume I went on an anxiety forum? ZERO. And not just me, anyone that has fully recovered is rarely, if hardly ever goes on forums.  Why would they?  They are out-and-about, enjoying their lives. Only people still struggling with anxiety are on forums pouring out their struggles, frustrations, and issues. You start seeing people who have dealt with panic attacks for 20 years or more, and all of a sudden you internalize your panic attacks and anxiety as permanent.  Without a doubt, the internet forums have lead to greater communication. 

But greater communication also means greater miscommunication. 

Recognize that an anxiety/panic forum is a skewed view of reality.  And here is the reality, many people have fully recovered; often they don’t talk about it because anxiety is no longer their full-time job.  The people who are on forums are those that are still dealing with anxiety and made it their mission to get it resolved. You begin associating that everyone with anxiety never recovers...when in reality, people who have recovered are enjoying their lives. So do yourself a favor.  STAY AWAY FROM FORUMS.

3. Get a mentor, someone who has recovered from anxiety to show you It is very helpful to find people who have dealt with anxiety and fully recovered.  Many times, these people are difficult to find.  For many people who used to suffer from anxiety, anxiety is quite a sensitive and personal subject.  They often feel like they’ve wasted their time dealing with anxiety so much in the past, that they no longer want to talk about it.  In that case, there are plenty of books by people who have suffered and fully overcome that anxiety sufferers can read.  DARE by Barry McDonough, At Last a Life by Paul David, or my personal favorite, Hope and Help for your Nerves by Claire Weekes (who is also a pioneer in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks) are just some worth mentioning.  Although these books provide excellent information, they don’t provide the guidance and accountability a true mentor can provide. Often times, there are hiccups during recovery. And old, bad habits can creep up and steer you off the right path. Having someone who had dealt with the same issues, had similar setbacks, and guiding you on the way is paramount. I made a lot of mistakes during my recovery. Luckily I never became too discouraged to quitting was never an option. Find someone who has recovered...and have them guide you on the path. 

Best of luck on your recovery!

Would you like me to personally help you FULLY overcome your anxiety and panic ONCE AND FOR ALL?  On top of that would you like me to help you with that for free?  

My name is Shaan and I’m an anxiety and panic attack mentor, and I’m looking for that special student who I can personally help fully overcome their anxiety and panic without spending countless hours in therapy, hours upon hours of daily meditation, or dealing with the terrible side-effects of medication. If that is you, then I will PERSONALLY guide you through the process of mastering and overcome your anxiety and panic.  Here is how it works:

First, I will assist you in developing a strategy in overcoming your anxiety and panic attacks.  Not only will you have a strategy, but you understand the mechanics of anxiety, and have the tools and skills that will lead you to full recovery. And this won’t cost you anything.  In fact, it will probably take around 45 minutes of your time.

All you have to do is promise ONE THING:  You are serious about fully recovering and not just coping with anxiety and panic for the rest of your life.  As a former sufferer, I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for a long time. I wish I had someone to offer me the guidance to help fully recover.  I promised myself that if I was able to fully recover, I’d help others fully recover too. 

I’m not interested in helping people cope.  I’m interested in helping people heal.

If this is you, then click the link below and schedule a free 1:1 consultation where I will look at your situation and together, we can develop a strategy to overcome anxiety and panic.

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