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ByeByePanic coaching program contains general information that does not seek to diagnose or replace the care of a healthcare professional or licensed counselor/therapist.  ByeByePanic coaching as well as material provided by Shaan Kassam considers anxiety, and panic attacks a normal defense mechanism caused by prolonged stress and sensitized nerves.  These can be fixed without medical intervention.  Based on this understanding, the goal is not to eliminate anxiety or panic attacks, but receive information to help sensitized nerves relax and adjust to baseline.  This causes the exaggerated symptoms caused by anxiety to decrease and allows the individual to get back to a more healthy life.

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Disclaimer:Shaan Kassam is not a medical professional or a licensed counselor or therapist. Shaan Kassam utilizes his first hand experience and knowledge as a sufferer from anxiety and panic attacks to guide others as well.  Shaan Kassam’s mentorship does not seek to diagnose or replace the care of healthcare professionals or licensed counselors/therapists.


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