Learn The Exact Method Shaan And The Bye Bye Panic Team Have Used To Help Members Worldwide Overcome Their Anxiety-Based Physical Symptoms, Intrusive Thoughts, Depersonalization & Derealization.

If You’re On The Recovery Journey, This 25-Page Guide Will Teach You To Desensitize Your Nervous System And Help You Completely Get Rid Of:  
  •    Panic Attacks
  •    ​Heart Palpitations
  • ​   Digestive Issues
  •    Dizziness
  •    Breathlessness
  •    Derealization
  • ​   Depersonalization
  • ​   Scary, Intrusive "What-If" Thoughts
  • ​   And Much More 

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Learn the 14 simple principles to alleviate your symptoms and empower your recovery.

  • ​​Your Nervous System Explained - The Stress Response
  • ​How Sensitization Occurs
  • ​Symptoms Caused By Sensitization
  • Common Path To Sensitization
  • How Your Nervous System Stays Sensitized - The 5 F-Principle
  • The Pillars To Anxiety Recovery
  • ​How To Desensitize Your Nervous System - A.L.A.R.M Process
  • How To Respond To Each Anxiety Symptom
  • How To Measure Your Progress
  • What Recovery Feels Like
  • The Mindset Needed For Recovery
  • ​Myths Of Anxiety Debunked

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ONE TIME OFFER: Learn what to expect on the recovery journey. You will learn what symptoms go away when, how does recovery look, and how to deal with setbacks so that you can set proper expectations on the recovery journey. This is a great resource to supplement the Blueprint. The Roadmap Masterclass includes 5 hours of video education content walking you through the recovery journey. You will get immediate access upon purchase.

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