Overcome Panic & Anxiety


Are you someone experiencing panic attacks?  Are your panic attacks becoming more frequent?

Are you convinced you may have a terrible disease, but when going to your doctor you’re told there is nothing wrong?  Furthermore, do you begin to think you have a new illness?

Are you obsessive about new symptoms that arise and constantly google-search to find answers for symptoms only to be convinced you have a terrible illness?

Are you someone who’s confidence and quality of life have suffered dramatically due to repeated panic attacks and debilitating anxiety-induced symptoms?


I'm a Panic and Anxiety Mentor

on a mission to educate, guide, and empower you to take back control from anxiety and panic and live fearlessly without having to rely on the terrible side-effects of medication, years of therapy, or hours and hours of meditation.

​Look, I get it. Anxiety is a part of life. But when panic attacks and constant fear of an illness become so out-of-proportion that it interferes with our daily activities, our quality of life declines rapidly. We become bewildered by our constant physical symptoms, we stop enjoying time with our friends and family, our confidence begins to drop, and we feel there is no hope for our future.

But what if I told that you that FULL RECOVERY from panic attacks and anxiety is possible? What if I told you there is a way to recover that does not require medication with terrible side-effects, countless hours of therapy, or spending hours upon hours in meditation.

All you need is knowledge about why your body is reacting the way it is, a strategy, and patience.

Through my mentorship, I’ve helped multiple clients and myself achieve full recovery and regain their lives. And through working together through my 1:1 mentorship,you too can reclaim your life from anxiety and gain true freedom.

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Dareld (Entrepreneur 38) 

“I have been suffering from panic attacks for over 20 years.   Naturally, I'm a skeptic.  But after working with Shaan over the last couple of weeks, I have to acknowledge that I'm finally on an undeniably positive track. "

(Athletic trainer)

"When I first met Shaan, my Anxiety convinced me I had a terrible stomach condition.    Since then  I’ve put on weight,  able run my errands, and performing well again at my job.  This may sound trivial to most, but these are really big steps for me!”

(Mother - 29)

"Many people try to tell you ways to fix anxiety and panic without having gone through it. Shaan's firsthand experience  was able to guide me in the right direction.   I am confident if I keep following the advice Shaan gave me I will recover and lead a more fulfilling life!”

Ashley (Marketing Consultant 33)

“Since working with Shaan, I am so HAPPY with the progress I am making.   But I did it and even when I felt a panic attack coming on I said to myself what Shaan told me and it subsided so fast!  I can’t thank you enough Shaan, you really changed my life.”

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Disclaimer:Shaan Kassam is not a medical professional or a licensed counselor or therapist. Shaan Kassam utilizes his first hand experience and knowledge as a sufferer from anxiety and panic attacks to guide others as well.  Shaan Kassam’s mentorship does not seek to diagnose or replace the care of healthcare professionals or licensed counselors/therapists.


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